Gregory L. Myers

This site is a part of my study in the MLIS program at The University of North Carolina at Greensboro. It is designed to document the depth and breadth of study and ensure the objectives of the program were met. It is a representative sample of the work rather than an exhaustive expression. A section of the site also covers a similar project done at the conclusion of my study in the Masters of Instructional Technology program at North Carolina State University. Learning is a lifelong process of which degree programs are only a part.

Continuing Education Plan

Specific goals for this 2019 include:

  • exploration and evaluation of catalog software with confirmation or replacement of current program the end result,
  • strategies for collections distributed in classrooms to optimise the use classroom collections,
  • improvements in marketing of services including website design, email frequency, posters, and social media presence.

American Library Association—conference

As a new librarian the broad scope of the annual conference provides the widest variety of learning opportunities. Regular attendance at this conference is planned with session choices aligned to the current goals for the year.

North Carolina School Library Media Association—conference

The conference provides both formal and informal opportunities to grow as a librarian. Regular attendance at this conference will build relationships and provide other opportunities to grow and serve.


This education focused conference hosts many sessions on technology that relate to services commonly provided by libraries in schools today. It is an excellent way to keep abreast of current trends, identify unmet needs, and share strategies with others. Annual attendance at this conference is planned.

Trinity School of Durham and Chapel Hill—regular professional development

Trinity School of Durham and Chapel Hill where I am employed regularly sponsors professional development activities and I participate in those. The next instance is ReNew Partnerships diversity training to develop greater cultural sensitivity.

Other Opportunities

Other opportunities with irregular schedules not yet known will also be sought such as events at local universities and vendor hosted workshops. Examples of this in the past year were a marketing workshop at UNCC, a Scholastic Reading Summit, and EBSCO new service training at Saint Mary's school in Raleigh. The ongoing webinars at UNCG are always an option for continued growth.